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Coffee and Chocolate
Skating in the Shadows
Little Rossland Rooftops
Lake Country
Hiking Kokanee Glacier
Santa Fe Train Station
California Sold 

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Lainey Benson

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 Lainey was born in Colorado and raised in the Ottawa Valley. Growing up in a family of artists and musicians, her future as an artist came as no surprise. 

At age 17, Lainey traveled to British Columbia, making her home and raising a family in the idyllic mountain town of Nelson.  Lainey then completed her education in Environmental Planning, but her passion for creating lovely images through various media continued to thrive. So when Lainey finally discovered acrylic painting, a new love was born. 

Lainey now paints full time. Through her love of travel and the great outdoors, Lainey finds endless inspiration for her work. She is continually delighted with and astonished by the beauty of the world, which is reflected in her paintings.

Lainey is inspired by historical Canadian artists such as Emily Carr, Clarence Gagnon, John Kasyn, John Casson, William Kurelek, and Ted Harrison. She has also had the privilege of studying with and been inspired by a variety of contemporary artists. 

These days, Lainey divides her time between the BC Kootenays and the Ottawa Valley, surrounding herself with both natural beauty and elegant, small town charm. She seeks to capture the character of these attractions with her vibrant, uplifting style. 

Lainey is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and of the West Kootenay Chapter of the FCA.





 Federation of Canadian Artists: Supporting Membership

Touchstones Gallery, Nelson BC  2009- present

Craft Connection, Nelson BC   2013, 2016-present

Railtown Coffee, Nelson BC  2016-present

Kootenay Gallery, Castlegar BC 2013-present

Your Arts Desire, Kaslo BC  2009-2016

Langham Gallery, Kaslo BC 2013

Grey's Inn and Gallery, Morro Bay, CA 2014-present

Village Art Gallery, Fullerton, CA 2016

The Grind, Rossland, BC 2013, 2014, 2015


Instruction and Workshops:

Nelson Fine Art Centre 2002 / 2004

Deb Thompson Wkshp Nelson, BC 2003

Mike Svob Wkshp, Whiterock, BC 2010

Andrew McDermott, Vancouver, BC 2012

Whistler Workshop FCA 2013

Liz Wiltzen Workshop, Canmore Alta, 2014

Liz Wiltzen Workshop, Nelson BC 2015



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